We get it. We've been there.

Buying and selling a car is the root canal of transactions. It's painful. The process could be better, way better. That's why we created CarBerri, to make your life easier and the process more secure.

Here's how we do it

A not so bumpy road.

Other websites are clunky and hard to use. We're changing that. Just enter your VIN and we'll tell you about your car including the estimated value so you can price your car fairly.

It's all about trust, baby.

Transparency is the currency of trust. Don't be left guessing. CarBerri pre-screens every car for fraud and verifies the person you're talking to is who they say they are. Know the person. Know the car.

Uncurb your options.

Limiting your choice on vehicle is a thing of the past. We'll finance the car you really want. We're the first used car marketplace to offer financing on private sale transactions.

There are real humans behind that screen.

We're got your back—so if you need a second opinion, help setting up your account, and anything in between, our car and account experts are here to help.

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