Easily get a private party auto loan.

All you need is your laptop or your phone to pre-qualify and secure your loan.

Financing in 3 steps


Enter some basic information about yourself

We need to know a bit more about you to give you a pre-approved loan offer.


Customize the terms your pre-approval

Choose your monthly payment, adjust your terms and pick the lender that works for you.


Sign and drive away with your new car

Our payment platform ensures funds are held and paid by a trusted brand without the hassle of cheques or cash.

Questions about financing?

I want to finance a vehicle in the CarBerri Marketplace. How do I pre-qualify?

Simply open CarBerri on your web browser, select the car you want to finance in the CarBerri marketplace, tap “Apply for Financing”. CarBerri will ask you answer a few questions. A team member reviews your application to instantly pre-qualify you for financing.

Does CarBerri offer financing if you choose to purchase elsewhere?

Once you are approved for a CarBerri loan, you can finance any car that displays a monthly payment option in our marketplace. If you don't see a car you like, you can shop places like Craigslist, Autotrader and Kijiji, and ask the seller to list their car for sale on CarBerri. Currently, you can not use your CarBerri loan at a dealership.

Does pre-qualification impact my credit?

During the pre-qualification process, a CarBerri team member will review your application. This has no impact on your credit, but will let you know what your buying power is.

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