Sell your car quickly and securely

Get thousands more selling privately. List for free and manage from anywhere.

How it works


List your car

Simply enter your VIN and CarBerri will instantly pull all the details about it – including estimated value – so you can post it for sale in seconds. 


Deal with prospective buyers

Choose a safe test drive location and have buyers meet you there.


Complete the Transaction

Confirm payment, transfer ownership, and deposit your payment.

I was still making payments and CarBerri worked directly with the lender to pay off the loan and gave me the remaining balance from the sale.

Corey sold on CarBerri and got $2,300 more than a dealer trade-in

How we're different

We know it’s a priority to trust the people who you’re meeting with. CarBerri verifies every buyer and you can securely message each other to arrange a test drive.

If something does come up, though, we have your back with dedicated support.

General background checks offered for every buyer

Rate buyer reliability

Set your test drive schedule and price

Recieve offers

Dedicated customer support

Questions about selling?

Why should I sell my vehicle on CarBerri?

CarBerri helps you sell your car yourself, which means you keep all the money. We make the process easy, connect you with the right buyer and provide a safe platform for you to transact securely. It’s all completely free. We’re just here to help.

Does CarBerri charge a fee for listing a car?

No, it’s free to list your vehicle with CarBerri.

Can I sell my vehicle even if I still owe money on my loan?

Yes. When you sell your car through CarBerri we use the amount from the sale to payoff your existing loan. The remainder will be deposited securely into your bank account.

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